Work with an experienced dietitian and experience the benefits of a well-designed low carbohydrate nutrition plan.

** Disclaimer **
This approach is not suitable for everyone and you should be assessed and guided by an experienced dietitian before commencing
Adopting and following a lower carbohydrate dietary pattern can be a very effective tool in the management of good health and many diseases. There are many benefits of this dietary approach, including;
  • Reduced insulin levels and reversing insulin resistance (a key driving force behind weight gain and the development of type II diabetes)
  • Enhanced fat burning
  • Conquer your appetite with improved satiety and eliminate cravings
  • More stable mood

Liam has a particular interest and experience in customising low carbohydrate plans which has seen many patients achieve great weight loss, avoid or cease medication and reverse type II diabetes.

What’s the process?

Initial assessment:
Liam will conduct a body composition scan and review your medical history and any regular medications along with discussing your specific health or performance goals and motivation.

Based on this he will then work with you to develop a sample daily plan to ensure an appropriate carbohydrate and calorie load and overall nutritional intake.

Review consultations:
Repeat body composition scan and adjustment of meal plan as required.
Accountability, support and further education

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